“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures”, Lovelle Drachman

A senior post-anesthesia care unit nurse, an MBA holder, a traveler, and a nature-lover. It is difficult to put in one word how to describe Enrique Salvani III. He has a very tough day-job yet he still manages to enjoy life and put everything into positive perspective. 

“I believe in taking life by the reins and doing whatever makes you happy. Time is a valuable resource, so turn it into precious memories. Spread positivity! YOLO!”

As a nurse, he has invested himself into trainings and further studies so he can upgrade his skills and put it into application. His tasks are considered high-risks and putting the safety of his patients is his number 1 priority. “Aside from giving them medications and attending to their needs, I extend my effort by making them feel that they are being taken cared of and that soon, they will get better.” Indeed, making the patients happy is one of the nurses’ valuable skills. 

Aside from saving lives in the hospital, he also loves to travel, explore the mountains and beaches, experience the food and culture and immerse in the local’s way of living. “I love to travel. I’ve only been to a few places but I make sure to learn of their culture. My number 1 Rule in traveling: taste the food - that is the highlight of every trip.”

As a ray of sunshine to all his friends, Enrique has always encouraged everyone to live young, explore life and become a hero in every little way possible. “He has a vibrant attitude, always positive, always caring” shared by his friend.

Without a doubt, Mondo Project has invited Enrique to be one of its ambassadors. “I totally support Mondo Project’s cause in making this world a better place to live in, one small step at a time. The function of spreading awareness is a heroic effort in today’s time. We all need to be reminded that even our smallest act has an effect on nature - so better be a positive agent of change.”

He also shared some of his tips in conserving our environment. “Humans must play an active role in maintaining a sustainable planet Earth. Save trees by reducing paper usage (or totally shift away); save energy by turning off lights and explore renewable energy sources; and reduce carbon footprint.”

As Mondo Project continues to spread its cause to today’s generation, we trust that each one, in our own little way become mindful of what we do to our surroundings. We believe that whatever we do now, we act responsibly or not, we are molding the lives of the next generation. And we hope that in the coming years, our nature will become a powerful source of life and energy. 

“The global community taking one conscious effort a day to save the earth - that would translate to 7.6 billion acts!” Exhilarated by Enrique. 

Mondo Project is an online social enterprise selling shirts and planting trees. For purchases and  partnerships, please contact


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