One FRUITful Change - Nagase Philippines CSR Tree Planting with FEED and Mondo Project

It was a rainy yet busy Saturday morning last November 10, 2018 in the University of the Philippines Laguna-Quezon Land Grant. There were students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) conducting a study about the environment specifically on leaves and ferns. On the other side, foresters and forest guards were assisting students from another school, University of the Philippines (UP) for their scheduled org activity. 


And finally us, from Mondo Project together with Nagase Philippines were set to plant 422 seedlings in the area as part of the company’s team building activity for the year. It was an annual routine for them to schedule a gathering with the objective of building rapport and teamwork among their team members, this time they wanted it to be different. Their team decided to plan a memorable and FRUITful activity by giving back to the environment and by planting trees that will in time, leave a legacy to our planet.


The drill was spearheaded by Rey Lorida, forester and Land Grant manager and Mondo Project team who represented FEED, in charge of activity, who welcomed and conducted the orientation for Nagase Philippines team on the set schedule for the day. 


Everyone geared up, we started the 45-minute trek to the planting site. Since it was raining, strong winds and muddy ground waited for us along the way. At the actual planting site, the forester demonstrated the proper planting of the seedlings and its propagation. Holding a bamboo shovel in hand, each participant got excited to plant their set of seedlings. 


A total of 422 seedlings were planted - 401 from Nagase Philippines and 21 trees from Mondo Project, these include indigenous trees like Palusapis and Kamagong.  After an hour of tree planting, sweat and rain drops creep on everyone’s faces, a proof of great determination and conviction to leave a mark on that small patch of land in the vast mountain range of Sierra Madre.


A heart-full Filipino binalot (chicken barbecues, pork and chicken adobo,fresh tomatoes and bananas) awaited the whole team after the activity. Each found their own spot to dine and some stayed inside the airy Kubo-style pavilion right beside the garden lake of the vicinity. 


A talk from Mr. Kohsuke Yamamoto, Treasurer/ GM for Finance & HRAD, head of Nagase Philippines and from Mondo Project team concluded last Saturday’s activity. An awarding of FEED certificates came right after. 


Overall, it was a fulfilling day for everyone. 


We are happy to know that more and more groups are joining tree planting activities like FEED’s SAVE Program. We are hopeful that the advocacy for the environment will have a wider reach and a stronger support from private and public institutions. Kudos to everyone!

And thank you for our Mondo Project eco warriors who bought our shirts and made this tree planting activity FRUITful:

  1. Rica Dungog
  2. Patricia Ransom
  3. M. Sumilla
  4. Mike Umpa
  5. Anthony Bason
  6. Nelcy Marcillana
  7. Janne Glizette Co
  8. Dondon Leandro Castro
  9. Jayvee Beltran
  10. Joseph Tumacder
  11. Felix Pernia Jr.
  12. Leticia Enciha
  13. Jenevive Tumacder

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