Let the Earth Be Glad at Assumption College Makati

Last 27 September 2017, Mondo Project participated in Assumption College’s Kapihan Forum entitled, “Exultet Terra” (Let the Earth be Glad). This forum focused on raising the students’ awareness on the current condition of the environment and the challenges it faces. It also tackled the opportunities and ways to contribute and help save Mother Earth.

Students' eyes were caught by the variety of shirts displayed in the booth as well as the seedlings that they (students and faculty members) can purchase. Curiosity of students increased whenever they learn that for every purchase of a shirt, one tree will be planted. 

They were also encouraged to visit Mondo Project’s website to be able to choose from more designs. Moreover, Seedlings such as Lilies, Ilang-Ilang, and Passion Fruits were also sold during the event. 

“I went back to ask money from my mom. I really want to buy a shirt ‘coz I know that it will be able to plant a tree. I’m excited and will invite my friends to also buy.” explained by one of the students. 

Bogs Balangat was also able to share his advocacy to high school students during a talk and was able to get their interests by telling the story of Mondo Project and how they were able to get the support of Fostering Education & Environment for Development (FEED Inc.). He explained the reasons why Mondo Project was created and the goals they are looking at years from now. He also added the help and support FEED Inc. has been sharing to them and how it was helpful in growing the social enterprise. 

“It is a good avenue for us to inspire the students and motivate them to help the environment. We are excited for them, we can already imagine how they will create a better future in the years ahead” said by Bogs Balangat.

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