Cause I Care, Assumption College’s Org Fair

“May this be a start of building relationship and cultivating kindness to others.” As posted in Assumption College’s Center for Social Involvement (CSI) Facebook Page. 

Cause I Care took place last 13-14 February 2018. Various Organizations were present during this school affair such as Unicef, Children’s Hour, Special Achievers, Autism Society of the Philippines, Amnesty International and a lot more. This fair was organized to increase the awareness of the students - in grade school and high school, that these organizations exist to help, to protect and to conserve life - humankind, animals and nature.  

Feed Inc. and Mondo Project represented the cause for the environment. Students were introduced to Feed Inc., its mission, projects and activities. These students, as young as they are, were very eager to volunteer in tree planting activities and at the least, contribute to the number of trees to be planted by Mondo Project team. 


Some plants were also displayed for selling. And since the event fell during Valentine’s day, the students thought of giving some plants to their teachers. Who would have thought of that? Only those who love plants and those who love their teachers. 

Support not only came from the students and teachers but from our folks from fellow organizations present during the fair. They were able to buy their shirts which they promised to show off to their colleagues. At the same time, we were also able to discuss possible collaborations in various projects and events. It was indeed a fruitful and successful org fair. 

Through this event, may the students give more appreciation to organizations like ours, and become supporters and volunteers in protecting our environment. May their love for nature blooms from hereon.  




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