Bayanirun - A Run for Your Cause

Last December 2, 2018, the happiest and heart-filling fun run of the year came to reality - the Bayanirun 2018 at the Liwasang Ullalim, CCP Complex, Pasay City. Bayanirun 2018 was a fund raising activity that gathers volunteer runners to support their own advocacies such as Environmental protection, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Child Support and Education and etc. and also to raise awareness on other advocacies they support and partner with. This activity was organized by iVolunteer Philippines, a non-profit organization that promotes Filipino Volunteerism for the nation.


FEED Inc. (Fostering Education and Environment for Development) was invited to be one of the beneficiary organizations in this event. It was also a great venue to share the advocacies of the organization and its volunteering opportunities with the runners. FEED together with Mondo Project team, set-up a booth and joined the run.


Families, friends, teams and individuals pledged and supported the activity. A total of 700 runners ran for the 10km, 5km and 3km distance. The event started with some welcome talks from iVolunteer, followed by an energizing Zumba dance to warm-up the runners. 10k runners started the earliest, followed by the 5k runners and on the last stage, the 3k runners. 


The rain blessed the runners up to the finish line. What a fun and exciting activity it was for all! Representatives from different NGOs went to the stage to discuss their causes and invited the runners to visit their booths. An amazing remark from iVolunteer concluded the event - the event finished clean, without litters, junks, plastics and bottles from the all the participants. 

The Mondo Project team is glad to participate in such heart-warming and eye-opening event. We are honored to see how the organizers put up this activity as well as the energy and love of nature that the runners showed. Indeed, we are not alone in our cause for the environment. Heroes can be seen everywhere, doing huge and even small contributions to our planet.


FEED and Mondo Project team would like to thank the following runners for supporting our organization to help and save the environment:

  1. Robert Balangat
  2. Rejina Balangat
  3. Sabina Balangat
  4. Crisnil Victorio
  5. Janice Abbo
  6. Christopher Brian Sarto
  7. Kathrina Jan Isabbelle Solisa
  8. Richard Andrew Angeles
  9. Ron Jacob
  10. Roxanne Jacob
  11. Alodia Xaeber Jane Jacob
  12. Janelyn Jacob

Watch the video of the event from iVolunteer:
Link: Bayanirun 2018


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