5 Easy Things you Can Do to Make a Big Impact

It is inherent for people to help. It is in the roots of being a person to care and protect or to make a difference in one's or a group of people's life. Some people dream big and some people dream small. Whatever one wants, it is important that whatever help or difference one make, it should be purposeful and effective.

One thing that hinders people to help is that it is difficult. Just thinking of it makes them crunch and will push them back to their comfort zone. But hey, there are easy ways on how to do it. And maybe you already did it before, and just not aware of it. These 5 easy things to do to make a big impact is applicable to everyone. Just be conscious about it, define the purpose and outcome of what you are about to do and push yourself (no one will) to do it. 

Here are 5 easy ways to do it:

1. Teach a Child

Remember a time when an older brother/sister/friend/relative/mother/father helped you in one of your homework? How did it feel remembering what happened back then? Is it saddening? Or is it uplifting? Regardless of which, he/she made an impact to you. That is how powerful anyone can bring to a child's life. A child can bring it on even a time when he/she tells the same story to his/her grandsons/daughters! 

When someone teaches a child, one needs to make sure that what he/she teaches should be done in a manner akin to planting a seed into the child's mind. Either a subject about Math, English, History, Finance or in life general, it should be something that the child can hold onto and nourish when he/she grows up. 

Don't get it wrong. You don't need to teach a profound rhetorical lesson. Remember that you are teaching a child. You can help them on their home works, chores, or even on a difficult game, it would be very helpful. A child's mind is simple but yet very sensitive, whatever problems they may have, it might be too stressful for them, and helping them to relieve that worry/stress could be very significant to them.


2. Offer to be Active with Someone

A friend, a family, or a relative might need your help on this. Improving health is always an issue with everyone. Either by having no time or just by not having the self-esteem or motivation to do it. Sometimes it is not their priority but sometimes this could turn into a serious problem. So it is up to you to gauge or assess the situation but nevertheless, exercise is always important.

As someone who is important to them, you can turn the tides on your side. Since you care about them, you can talk to them out about it and how important it is for you to have them improve their health. Or you could just say that you are the one who is in need of their help to come with you for a walk, a run, a class or for a workout. This just needs sheer faith and persistence.

Work and responsibilities always take the top priorities of our lives. Since it is inherent for us to think of others before us, taking care of one's self becomes insignificant. But look around, there are more people who wanted you to take care of yourself than wanting you to hurt yourself to become successful or affluent. You are more important to them than any achievements or money in the world.

And if there is someone who is important to you asking if you want to go with them to do active work, just say yes, maybe you are the one who is in need of help.


3. Recognize Someone's Positive Action

When was the last time you said thank you? When was the last time you said good job to anyone? Recognition is one of the ways a person can feel appreciated. It doesn't need to be by giving a gift nor praising the person in public. Sometimes, just by responding, you can make the other person feel recognized. 

Of course, recognition should be reasonable. Focus on the positive actions. Recognizing someone takes energy and you don't want to be spending it mindlessly. Repetitive recognition could also make it less special. Just remember, recognition is powerful, it can inspire influence, use it wisely.

Recognize someone either when you deeply feel it or even when you feel against it. Recognizing someone when you feel against it has a lot more meaning and a lot more significant. By doing it, you are recognizing and appreciating the other person in the expense of that hurt, which just shows how pride can be humbled by good actions.

4. Volunteer one of your Saturday


Not strictly on a Saturday but any day you are free. It is encouraged this to be done at least once a month. But it sure that this sacrifice is worth it.  It does not need to be a whole day, don't worry, you will still have time for yourself. 

Time is the most precious resource that we have and volunteering to give it to someone, or to some purpose makes a lot of difference. It does not need to be volunteering for a social work, a charity program, an environmental cause, but volunteering can be done by giving and spending your time to a friend, a colleague, a family or a relative. Sometimes lending our ears, our company or our hands to help them out them out on their problems, errands or tasks that are troubling them for a while could significantly ease their worries. Make sure that this task is outside your usual duties/responsibilities with them. Just a tip, book this activity a month or a week in advance so you could plan accordingly.

Volunteering to different activities or people monthly will not only expand your perspective about life but also expand the people in your network. And someday, you will be surprised that this act will actually make a lot of difference not only to the people whom you interact with but to your own life.

5. Advocate a Brand


If it becomes really tough and squeezing time becomes impossible, this is the best way one can do it. Every day, we experience different brands, from shampoos, foods, and even on transportation. Most of the time, we don't know it, that these brands have a mission, a purpose - why they are doing what they are doing. Behind every brand is a team who wants to make a greater impact than having to do it by themselves.  They believe that teamwork, unity, and synergy will create exponentially better creation, product or service than what they have imagined. 

And by having a brand, that team also expects that people will believe, love and support their brand for them to continue improving and provide better creation, product or service, to help everyone on their daily living. 

It is as simple as liking their page, sharing their news/updates about their product and activities, buying their products, providing feedbacks, and to as complex as buying shares of the companies through IPO, the stock market or crowd funding. And there are more other ways to do it.

And another tip: the brands want to hear from you about how you feel, or maybe if you have any suggestions on how they can improve to better serve you. Send them emails and tell them your stories, they might recognize and appreciate it.


Aside from these 5 things, there are also other things that can be done. We just need to have the desire and be creative to define the steps on how it can be done. And lastly, we encourage everyone to ask help. Recognizing and accepting the need of help will make the feeling lighter and will also make it more meaningful.


Hope this has helped you, stay tuned for more articles!


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